Agiru Cup the prize in Wabag clash


THE Kroton Hela Wigmen take on the Enga Mioks for the Agiru Memorial Cup on Sunday.
The match is also their round 15 Digicel Cup game at Aipus Oval, Wabag.
Wigmen chairman Andy Hetra said: “The historical connection between the Hela Opena and Hela Huli brothers is still strong to this day where both are considered to be brothers.
“Folklore has told us that our Opena brothers live beyond the mountains of Mt Kare and Mt Tundaka.
“This Sunday we will be visiting our brothers in Wabag and we are looking forward for a good turnout for the game.”
Hetra said it was a great experience when the Wigmen play the Mioks and to commemorate this game in memory of the founding patron of Hela Wigmen, late Governor Anderson Agiru.
“It is only fitting for his brother Governor Sir Peter Ipatas to host this cup in recognition of the cultural bond and brotherhood these two provinces share and also to honour a great leader who has lived a legacy in many facets, especially in politics, business and sports.”
Hetra said, while the Wigmen understood that the Mioks were focused on winning the minor premiership this would still be a contest that was more than just about the Digicel Cup points and standings.
“We know the Mioks would want to fight for the minor premiership in their remaining matches but we are also fighting to keep our finals hopes alive to make the top five.
“We know that it won’t be an easy game for us.
“More pressure will be on Mioks after recording their second loss of the season in Mendi last weekend,” Hetra said of the Engan side’s 18-8 loss to the Mendi Muruks in their round 14 match.
“The Mioks won’t want to have a second consecutive loss.
“Our remaining games for us is are like finals football for us.
“The boys are well aware of this and we will be hungrier to win. At the end of the day it will come down to the team that commits less errors.
“This is an area we need to work hard on, especially to cut down on silly mistakes and cheap penalties when we are facing a strong Mioks outfit.
“I want to wish the two brother teams the best of luck and we encourage all to come and celebrate the occasion in the true spirit of sportsmanship and comradeship,” Hetra said.

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