Agiru determined to deliver services

Letters, Normal

The National

I commend SHP Governor Anderson Agiru for securing K20 million for Tari Hospital redevelopment programme.
Despite the depletion of MoA funds, Mr Agiru has followed up on the commitment made by Deputy Prime Minister Sir Puka Temu to the Hela people.
The money must be put to good use to maintain the hospital and buying state-of-art equipment.
Mr Agiru believes in service delivery and is ready to nurture Hela province from infancy to adulthood.
This means he will build things like public service, roads, bridges, airstrips and hospitals.
He is determined to use funds from Hela gas to underpin and sustain the province’s economy.
The Gulf-Southern Highlands highway will ease traffic on the ageing Okuk Highway and there are plans afoot to open the interior of the Highlands from Madang via Baiyer, Gembogl in Simbu and the proposed Hela-Hela Opone Highway.
We must remember that Mr Agiru objected to PNG-Queensland pipeline project but supported the present LNG model.
Mr Agiru plans to use the MoA funds for public investment projects in Hela for public good and benefit.
However, we have seen individuals running off with millions of kina.
The majority of these individuals are from Hela and Kutubu and we want to tell our people that the money to develop public institutions and public roads have been siphoned and stolen by jungle wolves.
They can have all the fun and happiness in the world but they cannot run away from their conscience and guilt.


Hela eagle
Hayapuga, SHP