Agiru did not forget Hela prophecy

Letters, Normal

THE statement by Southern Highlands Governor Anderson Agiru (The National, Dec 11) that Hela Openes (Engans) will benefit from the liquefied natural gas (LNG) project is warmly welcomed.
As an Engan, I am proud and pleased to read Mr Agiru’s statement.
It shows he is living up to what our Hela ancestors have prophesied in a legend that has been passed from generation to generation through oral history and that must come to pass.
Engans will benefit from the project because it is the promise of our ancestors and Mr Agiru has maintained it for us to be part and parcel of the project.
Thank you, Mr Agiru, for making us feel part of the team and ensuring the Hela legend will be fulfilled.
He has assured us that the Enga provincial hospital will be built with funds from the licence-based benefits sharing agreement and also to build roads linking Tari to Porgera, Kandep, Laiagam, Wabag and Wapenamanda.
I believe that not only will these basic services open up opportunities for the people but also provide employment opportunities and other spin-off benefits from the LNG project.
Engans will continue to benefit from the project as long a great leader like Mr Agiru continues to rule. -Steve K. Ales Lae