Agiru gets tough on renegade recruits

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POLICE recruits in Southern Highlands province who have demanded immediate release of payment to continue their training are in for a surprise.
Governor Anderson Agiru said yesterday that he would not continue with the current batch of 125 who had broken the law before they became policemen and women.
He said he “can and will” get new police recruits and asked the current batch to explain why they should continue.
The group last week locked the gates of the provincial headquarters and demanded money to proceed with their training.
Mr Agiru described their actions as “regrettable, deplorable and unbecoming of future policemen and women”.
“This is not the kind of character we look for in future policemen and women.
“These young recruits have already broken the law.
“They have colluded to subvert the proper and lawful process of administration and financial accountability.
“They are trying to intimidate, threaten and force the administration to release money before the budget is approved.
“This is just plain wrong and stupid.
“I can very easily ask for a new batch of recruits and there is no shortage of people willing,” he said.
Mr Agiru said this was a voluntary initiative of the Southern Highlands provincial government which was not required under the law to train police personnel or to outlay money for the purpose.