Agiru lays down rules for Hela’s prosperity

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The National, Thursday 6th September, 2012

HELA’S founding Governor Anderson Agiru at the weekend laid down the ground rules for prospering his new province.
The rules are quite simple, he said yesterday.
Translated, the rules are: No alcohol, no violence, no laziness, all must be accountable for their actions, all government programmes must follow a plan and for there to be open and transparent government.
Expanded, the rules say:
l    A total alcohol ban;
l    Public servants to clock in and clock out of work;
l    All government ve­-
hicles to be clearly marked with “Z” or “P” plates and have the logo and colours of Hela clearly displayed and all tints to be taken off; and
l    Council presidents, public servants and administrators to be required to stay in Hela to manage their responsibilities.
All of these will be contained in a master development plan encompassing the plans of the provincial government, each of the three electorates of Tari-Pori, Komo-Magarima and Koroba-Lake Kopiago.
“Our three open members will be fully involved and their electoral development plans will be part of the master plan,” Agiru told the people.
“This master plan will complement and support the national 30-year strategic development plan and the Vision 2050. We are not operating in isolation.”
The governor announced that he was putting in place a secretariat comprising professionals in many different fields to put together the master plan and  coordinate its implementation.
Agiru said: “We are a new province. We have no budget, no treasury and no internal revenue but we are small. We have the benefit of knowing the mistakes of other provinces. We cannot go wrong.
“I am confident and I have told my people that they will be able to see changes in two and a half years. For that to happen I have told them to replace guns, alcohol and drugs with garden tools, hard work and lawful conduct.”
Boom gates would be erected at the Southern Highlands-Hela and Enga-Hela borders and at Tari Gap and at Hides Nongoli camp to filter out drugs, alcohol and other undesirable goods going into Hela, the governor said.