Agiru: O’Neill is investing in people

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The National, Wednesday July 3rd, 2013

 PRIME Minister Peter O’Neill is investing in areas which will substantially shift the socio-economic and physical landscape of PNG for the better, Hela Governor Anderson Agiru told people at Komo last weekend.

Agiru said support for the Government was vital at a time when it had the “eyes and ears of the chief executive of the country”.

He was referring to O’Neill, who is the MP for Ialibu-Pangia in neighbouring Southern Highlands.

“It is the era of the rural man, the villager, the forgotten people,” Agiru said. 

“Finally, we have somebody who is our own son who was brought up in this very land turning around to give it the attention it deserves. 

“He is not just talking about it. He is walking the talk. 

“He is putting money into the rural areas.

“If we do not support this man and his government, we will miss the boat completely and it may be a very long time before you get another Peter O’Neill as head of government.”

The governor made the comments as he explained to the hosts of the LNG project that the government and the developer had responded positively to his 30-day ultimatum, that he had finally got their attention focused on the project area and on promises made that are yet to be fulfilled.

At the same time the Hela Provincial Executive Council held its first meeting at Komo where a number of impact projects such as the K10 million Komo Loop road, the K1.1 million Waguba Bridge on the Komo Loop Road, the K3 million Kulu Puga Road and the K20 Komo Agro-Industrial Centre were announced.

Agiru also informed the people that the Komo-Hides 4 road (formerly proposed heavy haulage road), which constituted a part of the ultimatum, would be built with joint funding from the National Government and the LNG project developer.

Agiru urged his people to support the Government, to look after the LNG project and government infrastructure and to be actively engaged in socio-economic activities that would be beneficial rather than waste time on alcohol, drug abuse and on criminal activities.