Agiru please leave Somare camp

Letters, Normal

The National,Friday20January 2012

IT SEEMS that lately, Anderson Agiru has been frequently going to the media to affirm his stand with Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare.
 The question is what is his real motive? Does he really care about the citizens of this country or is he fulfiling someone else’s interest?
My advise to Agiru is to keep quiet because you have a lot to do back in your home province.
Southern Highlands needs you more than those who you are currently with.
If you are son of a highlander you would have learnt some important lessons  from Kandep MP Don Polye.
He once wore the shoes you are now wearing.
He was a loyal and faithful member of the National Alliance team and sometimes deemed too powerful for Sir Michael Somare.
He was urged at times to take over or wrestle leadership from  the Grand Chief
However, he was patient and he waited to hear from Sir Michael himself, the man he loved and respected, to officially hand over the leadership to him.
But the Grand Chief had other intentions.
He did not hand over the leadership to him.
He gave it to someone else who was not the rightful leader as per the NA constitution.
This did not go down well with Polye.
Agiru, now can you tell who caused all this mess we are in?
There is no one to blame.
I urge you to get out of the group you are with and join your genuine brothers to bring overdue changes to the people of PNG.
If you keep hanging out with this regime someone better will come out from your province.
We do not want the Somare regime to come back to power.
Agiru you laik stap yet em laik blong you tasol mipela les pinis.

Mendi Naiko