Agiru urged to conduct urgent meeting

National, Normal


Southern Highlands governor has been urged to conduct an urgent meeting and address certain outstanding issues.
Minister of Inter-Government Relations Job Pomat, in his letter dated Nov 9, 2010, requested Governor Anderson Agiru to conduct the meeting as soon as possible.
According to the letter given to The National on Wednesday, Pomat said the composition of the provincial assembly as well as the provincial government were improper.
He said certain matters needed to be rectify to comply with the law.
He said certain issues that needed to be urgently addressed included: 
* The swearing-in of the provincial assembly members who had not been sworn in;
* There is no deputy governor of the province since June 4, when the Supreme Court declared Amendment 10 of the Organic Law unconstitutional;
* The composition of the provincial executive council is not valid;
* The members of the provincial assembly back in office as a result of the Supreme Court decision ought to be paid their salaries and other remunerations as members of the assembly and back-dated to the date of their election as presidents; and
* Former presidents who were members of the provincial assembly who were subsequently displaced by the enactment of the Amendment 10 to the Organic Law on Provincial and Local Level Governments ought to be back-dated and paid their salaries and others .