AGM deferred

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NOMINATIONS to contest for the PNGRFL president’s seat have been re-opened due to the postponement of the PNGRFL annual general meeting which was set for this Sunday.
The nominations are now extended and the AGM will now take place Jan 30.
In a press release PNGRFL chief of operations Joe Tokam said the deferral of the AGM was to allow the majority of the affiliated leagues in the country mostly from the Highlands to complete their requirements thus pushing pushing the assembly into the new year.
Another reason why the AGM had been deferred was so current PNGRFL interim committee members could  complete the   report on the PM’s XIII match held in September and the Four Nations campaign and the  financial report for this year.
Tokam said the PNGRFL constitution stipulated that affiliated leagues re-applying for affiliation in 2011 must provide the following: Leagues and clubs application forms, an annual affiliation fee of K500,  minutes of their respective leagues’ AGM that verify their election into the office, the president’s report and the financial report.
He said leagues who could provide these would have voting rights at the AGM.
“These criteria for admission as members shall be annual and shall be received by the chief of operations no later then 14 days prior to the date of the PNGRFL AGM which in the case was supposed to be Nov 28,” Tokam stated.
“Last Sunday was the closing date for all documents to be received by the PNGRFL general manager however most leagues did not meet the requirements and the PNGRFL had not completed its report resulting in the need to postpone the AGM.”