AGM locked in

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The National, Tuesday 28th May 2013


HEAVY lobbying has intensified for the Papua New Guinea Rugby Football League (PNGRFL) chairman’s seat.

And amongst the 50 to 60 leagues throughout the country, who will vote, the southern region with 24 has already attracted a lot of attention from cronies of candidates.

With only day’s remaining before the PNGRFL annual general meeting set for this Friday in Lae, a number of the southern league presidents have already been approached to possibly sway their vote through the lure of financial gain.

Due to the majority of them being new or returning affiliates, they are susceptible to the urges of potential candidates. 

Southern regional interim director Gwaibo Mairi yesterday confirmed that 19 leagues have fully complied with AGM entry requirements, with only Goilala, Hisiu, Bereina, All Sound Bay and Rigo Coastal still to complete their dues.

He said the southern league presidents have agreed to meet prior to the AGM to strengthen their resolve as to the pathway they should take as a group.

“Some of the league presidents have been approached and yes I can confirm that heavy lobbying is at hand,” Mairi added.

Northern regional interim director Russ Kaupa yesterday confirmed that their seven leagues Bulolo, Wau, Kainantu, Tumerega, Madang, Ramu and Lae have all come to a consensus that they want to ensure the best person gets in there for the betterment of the once thriving code.

“We have never benefitted directly or indirectly from the governing body for so many years. This time the Northern leagues are intact and are working as team for the first time,” he said.

“I can say that the Northern leagues will not be voting for anyone that is only coming in for self interests,” Kaupa added.

Highland’s regional interim director Joe Tokam said their 20 leagues are confirmed and determined to ensure that the right people get in with the attitude that the game is for the players to play and enjoy.

“That is the bottom line and the president’s will make their judgement… hopefully on their own accord,” he added.  

Whilst it has already been ascertained that there are four confirmed nominees, the PNGRFL has yet to formally announce who the candidates are.