AGM still on

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The National- Tuesday, January 25, 2011

 FOUR men have nominated for the PNGRFL’s chairman and deputy’s post with the AGM set for this Sunday in Lae.

The four confirmed nominations after the closing date last Friday are PNGRFL interim board members John Numapo and Gary Juffa for the chairman’s post while Enga rugby league association president Sandis Tsaka and former PNGRFL executive Eric Kuman will contest the deputy’s post.

PNGRFL general manager Joe Tokam confirmed this yesterday. 

Tokam said the meeting would go ahead as directed by Numapo.

Tokam declined to comment further on any issues surrounding the PNGRFL as he said it was a decision of Numapo’s and the interim board.

“According to Numapo, the PNGRFL AGM is set for this weekend and will go ahead,” the former PNG Kumuls coach said.

Tokam claimed 21 leagues had met the league’s requirements and were expected in Lae for the AGM.

Tokam also claimed that leagues from the Northern and New Guinea Islands that were present at the AGM in November in which Bryan Kramer was appointed chairman would also attend.

“Yes, I am pretty sure the blocs from Northern and NGI will attend this AGM in Lae this weekend and its up to them to come or not but I believe some will still come,” Tokam said.

Meanwhile, Kramer has maintained the meeting on Sunday, if it were to proceed, would be in violation of the August court order which he said binds all parties in the PNGRFL.

“The meeting is outside the league’s constitution and I’m not that sure the leagues (Highlands) attending are even properly affiliated.”

He said he would ask Tokam to prove that all attending affiliates had actually fulfilled their requirements to be allowed to participate.