Agreement to boost agriculture

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The National,Tuesday July 5th, 2016

A MEMORANDUM of understanding between the Fresh Produce Development Agency (FPDA) and the PNG University of Natural Resources and Environment (unre) will enable collaboration and professional skills development in the agriculture sector.
The MOU was signed last Friday at the university’s Vudal campus in East New Britain.
Collaboration between the two organisations will involve academic, technical and professionalism through research, study and training.
This will enhance science and technology and develop professional skills.
The agreement was signed by UNRE’s acting vice-chancellor Dr Samson Laup, acting dean of the School of Natural Resources Peter Navus and FPDA general manager Mark Worinu.
The understanding will:

  • Encourage visits by academic staff from one institution to the other for the purpose of sharing expertise and engaging in collaborative research, teaching, training and extension activities;
  • Facilitate admission and supervision of students from UNRE to FPDA for industrial experience and research and admission of FPDA personnel to UNRE for participation in research and training which will be guided by institutional guidelines and protocols;
  • Enable the sponsorship of UNRE diploma students in tropical agriculture to engage in applied farm management, particularly in fruit and vegetable production and marketing to promote the idea of developing young people to participate in small and medium enterprises in the horticulture industry in the long run;
  • Support undergraduate students at UNRE to do research in areas of need, such as varietal evaluations, socio-economic studies, value chain analysis, market surveys, baseline studies, post-harvest activities, information needs assessments and any other relevant field of study that can be agreed mutually; and,
  • Further foster team work in joint submissions of research proposals, research collaboration and publication between FPDA and UNRE.

Dr Laup said this collaboration would go a long way in students’ learning and staff development.