Agriculture, business skills training for Gama locals


THE National Volunteer Service is working with the Gama local level government in the Usino-Bundi district of Madang to teach people skills in agriculture and business.
It will send 11 volunteers into the remote area to work with community-based organisations.
Consultant Eich Hansin said the volunteers would work there for two years.
Hansin said next January, 11 volunteers would go for a one-month induction course.
The volunteers will work with the Tsembaga Community Development Association, Foroko Women Association, Nontinini Resource Landowners Association and Gama LLG.
He had helped organisations register with the Investment Promotion Authority.
Hansin said that during a visit to Usino/Bundi last month, people requested for skilled volunteers.
He said volunteers with skills and knowledge in agriculture, project management, business, health work, and teaching would be sent there to live with the people.
During their visit, the NVS identified three people with different skills and knowledge living in the communities.
They have been engaged to help their own people and will be paid.
They have also helped people at the Mt Giluwe local level government, Nebilyer local level government, in Western Highlands, and South Waghi district, in Jiwaka.