Agriculture commodity boards now under the watchful eye of Ombudsman

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MANAGEMENTS of agriculture commodity boards and their chief executive officers are coming under the microscope of the Ombudsmen Commission.
Ombudsman John Nero made this known during the official takeover of office of newly-appointed Coffee Industry Corporation CEO Navi Anis in Goroka on Tuesday.
He said commodity boards like the copra, oil palm, cocoa and coffee deal with a lot of money, hence, they would come under the scrutiny of the Ombudsman Commission “This includes the CIC,” Mr Nero said.
“The Ombudsman Commission expects the CIC board and new CEO to deliver what they are supposed to deliver.
“The management and board must have the confidence of the people, especially stakeholders.”
Mr Nero told Mr Anis that if he did not do not do the right thing, people would lose confidence in him.
“As public office holders, you must maintain a high level of credibility and integrity to earn the respect of the people and maintain this whilst discharging your responsibilities,” he said.
“Then you will have the confidence of the people.”
Mr Nero said it was imperative for the CIC management and board members to look after their personal conduct to maintain public confidence and trust.
He said boards of Government statutory bodies would be towed under the umbrella of the Ombudsman Commission, and gave an assurance that a full board would soon be in place.
DAL secretary Anton Benjamin said the challenge was on the board and management to provide leadership to bring the industry to the next level with good policies and to increase coffee production and quality for exports.
He called on stakeholders in the industry to support the new CEO Mr Anis and assured that the board would not interfere with management.
Mr Anis, an economist by profession, has been with CIC in senior management positions before his appointment as CEO.