Agriculture vital


AGRICULTURE is currently one of the most focused sector of the current government. Obviously, Prime Minister James Marape intends to appoint three vice- ministers to work with Agriculture Minister John Simon – one responsible for coffee; another will be responsible for copra, cocoa and oil palm; and the third will oversee the livestock sector.
The question is: who will be responsible for food crops (both economical and subsistence)?
Undeniably, food crops play a vital role in sustaining the livelihoods of the 85 per cent population of PNG especially by securing food and provide a source of income.
Also food crops is an emerging agricultural subsector thanks to the Fresh Produce Developing Agency (FPDA).
Hence, food crops equally need a vice minister for further development. It would be better the government lump together all the export cash crops (coffee, copra, cocoa and oil palm) under one vice minister so that the other vice-minister can be responsible for food crops.

Kuayo Henry

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