Agro-industry for Jiwaka

Letters, Normal

The National, Friday February 21st, 2014

 I BELIEVE in an agro-industry based economy for Jiwaka. 

We need to revive and revamp all our run-down coffee and tea estates. 

WR Carpenters  needs  to come out clear on why it is abandoning its tea and coffee estates. 

We need to sort out our Waghi Meck issues. 

If  the operators think that  they cannot sustain, the provincial government can  find  money  and  buy off these agro industries (estates). 

By doing so, we will have a lot of economic returns such as improving employment, boosting our internal  revenue  to  supplement our budgets, minimising law and order problems  because of many employment  opportunities and other associated benefits and gains.

With  the potential of sustenance through agriculture, I strongly oppose any form  of  mining  activities in the Kubor Range. 

We  must  be  conscious of the environmental impact associated with mining activities.

We have Ok Tedi Mine Ltd, the Fly River people and Bougainville, Panguna landowners and other mining impacted areas to learn from. 

Also given the threat from climate change impact on food crops and food security, Waghi Valley poses to benefit a lot from climate change related projects if we employ some sustainable agro industry concept. 


Patrick Talu Wundai, Via email