Agwi: Fast-track investigations

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The National, Friday, 27th May 2011

DEFENCE Force commander Brig-Gen Francis Agwi wants investigations into the May 9 riot and destruction of Manu autoport, in Port Moresby, to be fast-tracked.
Agwi yesterday confirmed military investigations into the brawl, which resulted in an estimated K5 million damage to the state-of-art service station, had been completed.
He had also approved for NCD police to question soldiers from Taurama barracks who were allegedly involved.
NCD metropolitan commander Supt Joseph Tondop early this week had requested for police detectives to conduct their own investigation.
Agwi said the military police had been notified and would accompany CID officers to the Taurama barracks.
He wanted the investigations to be fast-tracked so those involved could be dealt with. Soldiers involved could face a dishonourable discharge from the force if found guilty.
Tondop said detectives went to the military camp yesterday to arrange a date and time for their visit.
Meanwhile, Agwi said the Moem Barracks investigations into the East Sepik Mapon village incident had been completed while the Igam Barracks incident in Lae town was still under investigation.