Ahi calls on MPs to unite

Lae News, Normal

The National, Friday 03rd August 2012

AHI local level government president Agi Sam has called on newly-elected members of parliament to work closely with local leaders because there was no cooperation between them and former members in the past.
Sam urged former principal for Bumayong Lutheran Secondary School, Gisuat Siniwin (Nawaeb) and Loujaya Toni (Lae) to work with local leaders to bring better services and improved infrastructure to the people of Nawae, Ahi and Lae Urban.
“I thank God for your wins and now I look forward to establishing a close working relationship with both for the benefit of everyone concerned,” Sam said.
Sam said in the past leaders had not been working with him.
He said as a result Ahi LLG was operating separately from Nawaeb district although both constituencies shared the same border.