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CHIEF Commissioner of the PNG Accident Investigation Commission (AIC) Hubert Namani on Friday announced that the AIC was investigating an aircraft accident on Thursday at the Yenkisa Airstrip in Enga.
“On 19th March 2020, a single-engine Cessna 208 aircraft operated by one Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) pilot, was in a flight from Kompiam Airstrip to Yenkisa Airstrip in Enga,” Namani said in a statement.
“According to the information gathered at the initial stage of the investigation, around 1pm, while the pilot was landing on Yenkisa Airstrip, the aircraft suffered a runway overrun.
“During its trajectory out of the runway, the aircraft impacted with the vegetation surrounding the area, resulting in damage.
“The pilot and the three passengers on board the aircraft at the time of the occurrence received no injuries.”
PNG as a signatory State of the Convention on International Civil Aviation has an international obligation of conducting independent, no-blame accident and serious incident investigations.
The Civil Aviation Act 2000 (as amended) require these investigations to be conducted by the AIC with complete independence from any other statutory organisation, to determine the circumstances and causes of accidents and incidents with a view to avoiding similar occurrences in the future, rather than to ascribe blame to any person.
Namani said a team of investigators had been appointed by the AIC to investigate the incident.
“The investigation will include the examination of technical, operational, human, organisational and environmental factors as appropriate, to determine how and why the accident happened and to establish safety recommendations to contribute to make aviation safer for PNG citizens.”
In accordance with international standards, the AIC will issue a preliminary report within 30 days.
Meanwhile, MAF in a statement on its Facebook page, confirmed that its aircraft was involved in a crash in what it described as a “landing overrun” at the Yenkisa Airstrip in the Enga.
“The pilot and three passengers on board are safe with no injuries,” MAF said.
“The aircraft has sustained damage. MAF has informed the relevant safety authorities and investigations are underway.
“MAF operations have been suspended and bookings will not be accepted at this time, while those investigations begin.”

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  • Second crash in less then 2 month is not good news for MAF. There must be some serious oversight on its operation by accountable Managers.

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