Aid donors must work with Govt

Letters, Normal

I REFER to your report last Oct 5 where Health Minister Sasa Zibe blamed the European Union over the alleged spread of cholera epidemic.
Foreign aid donors must cooperate and work together with the PNG Government as development partners.
Aid donors, who are mainly foreigners, are subject to the domestic laws and regulations.
Prior to the implementation of any project, they have to submit their proposals and upon vetting and approval by the Government, they can then proceed on to the implementation phase. 
Their conducts are subject to checks and balances and they have to make available reports of the projects they have undertaken to the host government, in this case, for the rural water project, a copy of the report has to be made available to the Health Department apart from donor agency they work for.
Hence, I am not aware of any international aid donor agency working in isolation from the host government in any one country. 
The case in Morobe province involving EU working in isolation from the Government to implement rural water projects is rare.
It is the first time such an unsanctioned project is being carried out by the EU in this country without the Government’s participation. 
Whilst foreigners must be commended for playing their role in assisting the people of PNG to prosper, they are also making a living for themselves by virtue of their engagements in lucrative deals as consultants or as employees on fat salaries. 
Only a handful of them are genuine service providers with the heart for mankind such as those who work in the volunteer services and other charity organisations.


Sekinolo Sawala
Port Moresby