Aid sought to save Pacific from rising sea

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PRIME Minister James Marape, is insistent on the use of modern technology towards land reclamation by the advance economies to save small Pacific islands from rising sea levels.
He made the statement yesterday during discussions on climate change matters at the 50th Pacific Islands Forum Leaders’ meeting currently underway in Funafuti, Tuvalu.
“My message is that I’m not here to talk about relocating people,” Marape said.
“I’m talking about ensuring that they build-up resistance to climate change locally by use of land reclamation as well as permanent seawalls. This can be assisted by advance economies,” Marape said.
He said the smaller Pacific islands were paying the price of climate change caused by big, advanced economies and they should assist with modern technology and planning future for the smaller islands affected by climate change.
Marape also appealed to all the 18 member countries of the Pacific Islands Forum to unite as one bloc, not suggest as a regional group but more importantly at the global forum to raise the issue of climate change strongly so that it could be heard.
In today’s discussion, Marape is expected to propose a strategy to involve bigger nations to assist smaller nations exposed to climate change by modelling them, finding ways using modern technology to prevent sea-level rise, build-up land reclamation programmes that could be beneficial in the long-term.
He gave an example of how Singapore as a small nation was reclaiming land in a big way and could also be done in the Pacific if everyone worked together.
Marape said he would be vocal about climate change and bring the idea forward when he presented his speech later this year at the United Nations General Assembly meeting in New York.
The forum will end tomorrow.

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