Aides attend court training

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The National- Thursday, February 3, 2011


THE National Judicial Staff Services organised a three-day training for all associates of judges of the National and Supreme courts to equip them for this legal year. 

The three-day training, which started on Monday, was held at the Daltron training centre in Port Moresby, attracted more than 40 participants, including court attendants and interpreters. 

The training focused on basic skills the associates of judges and other court officials needed to apply when carrying out their duties.

Deputy Chief Justice Gibbs Salika, one of the main facilitators, said the training was conducted to enhance the associates role and functions when assisting their judges. 

Salika said the training covered various topics on ethical issues and research skills which were vital for the associates to apply. 

“The ethical issues covered were basically about the rights and wrongs, what the associates must do and must not do when carrying out their duties,” he said. 

Justice Nicholas Kirriwom, who spoke on research skill, said the workshop was to brainstorm the court officials on various areas and components of the legal system.

He said computer literacy was one of the programmes which the court officials needed to learn  and assured that the programme would be conducted in the next training sessions. 

Kirriwom also said the current course materials used in the training was designed 10 years ago and needed to be redesigned.