Aihi announces K302m for subsidies will be released tomorrow

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The National, Thursday 23rd August, 2012

ALL schools that have provided their correct bank details will receive their fees subsidies by tomorrow, Education Minister Paru Aihi said. 
Aihi revealed this while speaking on the school subsidy issue in Port Moresby last week.
Aihi and representatives from Bank South Pacific, Australia New Zealand Bank, Westpac and Micro-Finance were there to give assurances that the school subsidies would eventually be paid.
“The second trench, which is K302 million, will be dispersed to all schools right across Papua New Guinea,” Aihi said.
It was revealed that only about a quarter of the 11,348 schools in the country would miss out on the second
portion of the school subsidies because their account details had not been correctly provided.
“The processes to register school account details are done in March when the school administrations are given the school census forms to fill out,” he said.
Acting Secretary for Education Luke Taita said 80% of schools in the country had received the subsidies.
He said the rest were yet to receive theirs due to administrative issues that needed to be sorted out.
He said it was a long process and schools were urged to fill
forms correctly.
The representatives of the banks said they were ready to process those fees instantly by using the electronic funds transfers system because
it had been successful
with the 80% of schools that had already received their funds.
The subsidies should be paid out to more than 9,000 schools by tomorrow.