Aihi awaits Koiari petition

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The National, Friday, June 10th 2011

KAIRUKU-Hiri MP and Higher Education Minister Paru Aihi is yet to receive a copy of a petition from Koiaris at Bautama in the wake of their protest last Friday.
The killing of two Koiari men at their Ma­dowate village, along the Magi Highway, sparked a rampage by locals. 
Aihi said the Koiaris had yet to get all leaders to sign the petition before it was handed to him.
“I feel uneasy when the government is told to take responsibility for the killings happening in our communities today.
“The government isn’t the perpetrator.
“This is clearly not right,” he said,
However, the  National Executive Council was interested in forming a ministerial taskforce to deal with the Koiaris.
He said the council was serious in resolving pro­blems encountered in the supply of power and water to the capital city.
An earlier petition was  handed to NCD Governor Powes Parkop and Aihi on April 27 at Sogeri.