Aihi calls on Bougainville to set up institutions

Islands, Normal

The National , Tuesday, May 31, 2011

MINISTER for Office of Higher Education Paru Aihi has challenged Bougainville leaders to consider establishing higher education institutions in Bougainville to cater for the large number of school leavers in the region.
He issued the challenge during his visit to Bougainville with acting Prime Minister Sam Abal last week for the launching of the Kokopau to Arawa K20 million road project.
Aihi said it was important Bougainville focused on providing higher education opportunities for its children.
“I ask you this, what’s life for Bougainville after Hutjena High School, what has the leadership got in mind for education in Bougainville?” Aihi asked.
He told the small gathering of Bougainville leaders, including Bougainville government president John Momis and Minister for Bougainville Affairs Fidelis Semoso, that education at higher level needed great attention.
“This nation needs a highly educated and highly skilled workforce. This was realised when LNG project came onshore. This is something that drives me now,” Aihi said.
He said after having heard the leaders of Bougainville speak, he was confident that Bougainville was in safe hands.
“The leadership here is visionary. It was a privilege to witness president Momis receive his honorary doctorate not too long ago from UPNG. We need to be competitive in education,” Aihi said.