Aim for excellence, students told


STUDENTS must obtain academic excellence to be part of skilled workforce that is on par with the rest of the world,  an official says.
Bank of PNG Deputy Governor, Elison Pidik told the 186 graduates of Kerevat National High School in East New Britain that PNG was part of the most dynamic region of the world – the Asia-Pacific.
“The students and the workforce of countries of our region are among the most educated and skilled workforce as anywhere else in the world and you only have to look at the member of economies of Apec,” he said.
Pidik said PNG would host the Apec summit next year and all members around the Asia-Pacific would attend and this showed the kind of people that PNG mingled with.
“We will realise we are dealing with industries and economies that are highly-competitive and we are stepping up in our game,” he said.
“This is a story that we can take with us and tuck away that the world is never like before and has become more competitive.
“And if we do not persevere and innovate through academic excellence, we will be left behind.”

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