Aiming to be a doctor – for dad


H ER father’s illness inspired Duri Pauline Herry to pursue a career in medicine.
“We almost lost my dad when I was in primary school. I saw how Mum would take care of Dad. I wanted (then) to take up medicine for my dad.”
Last Friday, she graduated from the University of PNG with a Bachelor of Pharmacy degree. She was among the 259 who came out of the School of Medicine and Health Science.
“Five years of studies was worth it.”
Duri, 24, from Bougainville, was inspired to take up medicine when her father was diagnosed with high blood pressure.
Her father’s legs would swell when he was stressed about work. He gave priority to his health and returned home to Bougainville where there is a lot of fish and fresh food to eat.
“I still want to be a doctor. So I’m thinking of going back to school after I get my pharmacy licence.”
She had goose-bumps going to the graduation last Friday.
“I still can’t believe that I have come this far. I had wanted to give up at some point and would call Mum and talked to her. My family and friends were very supportive. They would call me and encourage me to continue.”
Herry was the dux at Kila Kila Secondary School in 2012.
Mum Lynda Wartovo Herry noticed Duri’s love for books when she started school at the Nonu Independent Primary School.
“She just loves to read. Even when she was on campus at the medical faculty at 3-Mile and we ask her to come over for a weekend break, she would come with her bag full of books.
“Duri knows her priorities and even when we have other activities, she will still find the time to do her studies. The thing about her is she knows what she wants and she aims for it.
“If she wants to go back to school and take up medicine, we will be right behind her to support her.”
Her dad could not make it to her graduation as he had to attend a job interview in Bougainville on Friday. But the rest of the family was there to share the happy moment.
“It’s a dream come true for me and my family being there. That is the best graduation gift ever. Everything is different now because I will no longer depend on my parents like before.”
She is looking to the future with optimism.
“Pharmacy is very interesting, especially because it covers almost everything that comes under medical drugs. To know that what you do will help a patient at the end of the day is very satisfying.”
And she remembers the words of her grandfather: “God first, and education.” Her parents remind her too that success is the fruit of prayers.
Her motto is “to be selfless”.
“There are people out there who also have problems.”
Bring it on, world.


  • This story has been on this webpage for over a year.
    What’s happened to your Kavieng reporter?

  • Nothing is impossible ,think big ,aim high and work hard you will achieve your dream no matter what.It is very inspiring for us as individual to think and reflect in our education lives and strive towards our dream with motivation.

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