Aimo donates pistol to cops

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THE Member for Ambunti-Dreikikir Tony Aimo has put his life on the line, literally.
Having decided that the lives of his voters should take precedence, Mr Aimo has risked personal safety by giving his firearm to police who he believed would make better use of it.
The 13-round Glock pistol was handed over to Ambunti police station commander Richard Rafa in Wewak, East Sepik province, during the Easter weekend.
Mr Aimo, who also is Correctional Service Minister, said the pistol had been a useful to protect him and his family on many occasions, but he felt there was a greater need for it in his electorate.
Mr Rafa said Ambunti police were grateful for the donation – Mr Aimo had also bought police uniforms, a motorised dinghy and a 10-seater Landcruiser for the station which has two regular policemen and 24 auxillary policemen.
At the same time, Mr Rafa called on the police hierarchy not to forget their men and women in rural areas who have the same needs as their urban counterparts.
“They should listen to our calls for resources, simple things which were budgeted for and provided in the past.
“We should not have to depend more and more on politicians as is the case today,” he said.
Although the Glock pistol is on active duty for Ambunti police, Mr Aimo will maintain the firearm permit.