In the air lies Morobe’s future


MANY parts of Morobe that does not have roads are accessible by air. Captain Thomas Keindip is a true Morobean pilot with the North Coast Aviation who dedicated his life to serving the people with goods and services when needed.
This is a challenge for the Morobean leaders to create a scholarship programme and bring in the Morobean children to aviation schools so they can come back and serve their province and country.
We can also be part of all the airline companies operating in Papua New Guinea and we can fill the demand you see in the papers every day.
Keindip has inspired all of us and we the young generation must want to be like him.
He has already paved a path forward which our leaders should know by now.
We do not need expatriates to come do everything for us.
We want to fly planes, sail ships and invent small things wherever our creativity takes us. All we want is for our leaders to trust and have faith in us. Life is too short to play politics and doing businesses.
Invest in your children and they will run the country for you in the next decade.

Trupla Morobe Pikinini