Air Niugini faces a dilemma with the Boeing 737 Max aircraft it ordered


AIR Niugini is still interested in taking delivery of the four Boeing 737 Max it ordered despite technical issues with this model that allegedly resulted in two crashes in Indonesia and Ethiopia.
The company is expecting delivery of two Boeing 737 Max next year and another two in 2021.
It is early days yet as investigations are ongoing but the impact on the travelling public internationally is huge.
It is understandable, because nothing can be exchanged for life.
People wanted to know the model they will be travelling in.
Air Niugini may have already made huge investment in the Boeing 737 Max.
Whether the investment will bring a good return is an issue the company needs to seriously consider.
Several major airlines around the globe have grounded their Boeing 737 Max.
The underlying reasons centre around safety and reputation.
I believe the dent in the particular model will affect its use in the years to come, regardless
of the outcome of the investigations.
It is easier to change course in the early stages of investment rather than later.
Air Niugini may re-negotiate with Boeing again regarding this contract.
It will be tough but this is the way to go for the flag carrier.

Mikes M