Air Niugini image takes a nose-dive

Letters, Normal

DEAR Air Niugini, I am an underwater filmmaker. On Jan 18, I flew out of Port Moresby on Air Niugini flight 392 to Singapore.
I was charged K9,000 for 87kg (K103 per kilo) of excess baggage. The same equipment cost K1,100 coming in from Los Angeles.
It cost more than my entire trip, just to pay the baggage fee on the way out.
The excess fees are not posted on your website. If they had been, I would not have come to Papua New Guinea in the first place.
I have never been so obscenely overcharged by any other airline, or had to deal with intractable and obstinate check-in staff. At other airlines, they’re actually helpful and nice.
I’ve been to PNG three times, once for an entire month.
After this episode, I’ll never come back and I’m going to let the world know about it.
I will bring Air Niugini’s price gouging excess baggage policy to the attention of the international dive community, which includes filmmakers, photographers, and rebreather divers.
PNG has wonderful diving but so does Indonesia and their airlines charge about 20% of what Air Niugini does for excess baggage.
I can afford to come into your wonderful and beautiful country but can’t afford to get out.
You really should publish those excess baggage charges on your website (everyone else does) so that travellers are forewarned.
It is not good public relations to mislead and then overcharge your customers. 


Steve Clark,
Via email