Air Niugini not what it used be


AIR Niugini Ltd was once a profit-driven and best-performing airline some eight years back under the reign of former chief executive officer Wasantha Kumarasiri.
The company always paid good dividends to the state.
One of the highest I can recall is K100 million in 2012.
The staff always enjoyed Christmas bonuses and allowance, yearly staff appraisals, PX family parties during Christmas and other activities.
However, when Kumarasiri left, all of Air Niugini’s glory days came to a stop.
The new management came up with restructures and establishing subsidiary companies.
The structure was established with so many contracted management positions.
Some positions of supervisors or coordinators positions were upgraded to managerial positions with contracted allowances.
That created duplications of positions in some areas formerly managed by one person.
Air Niugini created subsidiaries; Air Niugini Cargo Ltd, Air Niugini Properties and Link PNG.
These subsidiaries came up with their own management structures.
I would agree with cargo and properties subsidiaries, but I totally disagree with Link PNG Ltd.
Link PNG Ltd is one of the cost burden to Air Niugini.
It was unnecessarily established with no good purpose.
It is just name and separation of jet aircraft and dash aircraft. What new benefits has Link PNG Ltd brought to Air Niugini?
Is Link PNG Ltd paying tax and submitting its annual returns separately?
I see no difference at all, its parallel to Air Niugini, and is a cost burden to Air Niugini.

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  • That reflects the type of people running Air Niugini now.

    Maybe they are diverting monies budgeted for those types of expenses to other areas.

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