Air Niugini receives CASA certificate

The National,Thursday June 30th, 2016

AIR Niugini yesterday received an air operator’s certificate from the Civil Aviation Safety Authority to operate for a period of five years.
Civil Aviation Safety Authority managing director Sir Wilson Sagati said the certificate proved that the airline continued to meet the country’s safety and security standards.
“I encourage Air Nuigini both at the governance and management level to understand your legal liability under the air operator’s certificate that you are legally liable by the act for the outcome of your operations in terms of your safety,” Sir Wilson said.
He said CASA had carried out an audit of Air Nugini’s safety and operating systems and was impressed with their commitment and willingness to improve on the findings.
Air Niugini board chairman Sir Frederick Reiher said it was important for the public to know what was going on in the company and that they were a safe airline.
“It is very important that safety is maintained by Air Nuigini and this certificate reflects the confidence in Air Niugini for what we do,” Sir Frederick said.
He said safety was the company’s top priority followed by travellers’ comfort inflight.
“This certificate also reflects the regulator’s confidence in the airline as Air Nuigini implements the most significant fleet upgrading programme in its 42-year history,” he said.
“The airline can (now) operate with maximum efficiency, and safety utilising aircraft best suited to the needs of domestic and regional passengers and commercial customers.”