Air Niugini’s Max order


THE report on the Boeing 737 MAX (The National, Mar 19) raises the issue of PNG Civil Aviation Safety Authority’s ability to exercise its authority.
The report in the business section says that Air Niugini will not stop its order of four Boeing 737 MAX aircraft, even though other countries such as the United States, France, Australia and the United Kingdom have stood down this particular model.
Air Niugini is seeing fit to continue to run with its 737 fleets as well as ordering the same model that has significant design and engineering flaws and which have caused two accidents and claimed lots of lives.
For the sake of the travelling public and the industry the PNG Air Safety Authority should order Air Niugini to cancel their order of the 737 MAX, at least until more information on the aircraft comes to light
It is simple common sense that when big leading aviation safety authorities are standing down 737 MAX planes we should also do the same until the defects have been rectified.
Air Niugini should also consider adding one or two Airbus Neo. I understand the Neo is cost-efficient and does not have any problems that we know of.

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