Aircraft firms reminded of wind gusts

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HEAVY rain and strong winds continued to lash parts of the country yesterday and the National Weather Office warning included a word of caution for airline companies.
The office said light aircraft have to watch out for strong winds, particularly gusts, while taking off and landing as the side effects of tropical Cyclone Penny off the coast of North Queensland stirred up wild weather in the Coral Sea.
Weather Office director Samuel Maiha said strong winds and heavy rain would continue in most parts of the country for the rest of the week, which meant accident-prone conditions on the roads and at sea.
Warning from the office went out to airline companies, shipping companies and vessels, and local sea travellers to take heed.
“It is a warning that people listen to the weather warnings and obey them,” he said with a tone of annoyance after gathering information that people were still going out to sea without taking precautions and getting into trouble.
Maiha said the strong winds were making seas even rougher and more dangerous.
Transport Minister Westley Nukundj said the cyclone would not affect PNG unless it changed directions but would cause gale-force winds and flooding in southern parts of the country.
He appealed to people along maritime provinces and districts to take heed of flood warnings too.