Aircraft maker holds demo flights

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THE European manufacturer of the ATR range of aircraft held two demonstration flights and inspections of its ATR 72-500 in Jackson International Airport on Tuesday.
Airlines PNG (APNG) was the host of the manufacturer’s two-day visit.
APNG and its resource industry clients were guests of the demonstrations and inspections.
The demonstration flights covered the east coast of Papua with company executives, media and APNG employees on board.
Passengers had a taste of the aircraft’s luxurious features with many saying “if all aircraft are like this, then everyone would want to travel”.
APNG said in a statement that it was currently negotiating an ATR 72-500 for its chartered routes.
The ATR 72-500 is the stretched version of the latest generation of ATR aircraft with a seating capacity of  74 passengers, though configuration is possible to meet specific requirements of company clients.
The ATR is known for its versatility and capacity to operate in difficult environments and short airfields, making it an ideal choice for operating conditions in PNG.
APNG said ATR was currently the most popular regional aircraft.
“APNG regards the ATR 72-500 as an exciting prospect in the aviation industry in PNG.
“With its new technology and on-board comfort, it serves to enhance the company’s product offering to corporate chartered clients and the travelling public,” the statement read.