Airline celebrates first anniversary


PHILIPPINE Airlines has celebrated the first anniversary of its three weekly flights to Port Moresby branding the service as special.
The airline’s assistant vice-president Bryang Ang, pictured, said the celebration “is akin to Philippine tradition for commemorating a service most special to us”.
He said the tri-weekly service was for those visiting Manila for business, commercial and tourism.
“(Or they can) visit popular destinations in the Philippine archipelago (and) from there one can fly back to Manila and connect to our key regional and international points,” he said.
He said the service promoted trade and cultural exchanges because airlines had important roles to play to enable an exchange of ideas, promote peaceful co-existence and allow people of different beliefs to appreciate each other.
He said the airline had acquired its seventh Boeing 700 aircraft which would enable it to operate more flights to North America and double its operations between Los Angeles, Vancouver and Toronto.
Port Moresby area manager Israel Fontanilla said the airline operated in 31 domestic and 40 international destinations.
He thanked partners, travel agents and the team in Papua New Guinea for the commitment to make Philippine Airline an airline of choice.