Airline to increase flights from Moresby to Manila


Philippines Airlines will increase its flights per week to four from Port Moresby to Manila in September.
Airline area manager Israel Fontanilla said there were three flights from Port Moresby to Manila and this would be increased to four.
“The flights are on Sundays, Tuesdays and Fridays,” Fontanilla said.
“As of Sept 4, Wednesday will be added to the number of flight days to Manila.
“This will allow more connections for passengers going to the Philippines and other destinations via Manila.”
Fontanilla said the flights would be increased because of rising demand by passengers travelling from Port Moresby to the Philippines and other destinations.
“This is because of the more affordable prices that we offer,” he said.
Fontanilla said flights to Hongkong and Singapore are via Manilla with the airline.
There are 43 international destinations and 33 domestic destinations so this increase in flights would give travellers better options.
“With the healthy competition, we will try to maintain the original fares that we have currently. There will still not be any increase,” he said.
Fontanilla said current fares were as low as K1700 from Port Moresby to Manila.
The promotional fare for the Wednesday flight will be K1085 inclusive of all taxes.
The airline serves 31 destinations in the Philippines and 41 overseas destinations in Southeast Asia, East Asia, Middle East, Oceania, North America and Europe.