Airman shares inspirational posts


PAPUA New Guinean professionals in different fields must be honest, diligent productive and true to their calling and set precedents and bring to light their work output each day.
So it can be measured and judged by their superiors, organisations and observers. In this way what our professionals do would be motivating, inspiring and educational for both adults and students.
A classical example of a true professional Papua New Guinean who brings to light daily his job output and that of his fellow aviators through hisFacebook posts is veteran helicopter pilot Capt Paul Paulo Boga.
It is indeed unique and rare to have someone like Capt Boga making time available in sharing insights and valuable information, adventures, events and pictures of his job and that of other pilots on his Facebook page PNG Pilots Yumi Yet Ronim Balus. Some of these posts and pictures are breathtaking and a real inspiration to others.
It is really awesome to see a well-respected professional taking time off his busy schedule, making posts of his job and sharing real adventure stories and pictures of his job, travels and other aviation-related pictures and stories. His daily posts are are really educational.
This is something other PNG professional other field of jobs could do just like the Central ‘mero’ is doing.
Educated intellectuals in other fields or professions rarely speak about their work in public so it is difficult to follow them and appreciate what they are doing for their fellowmen and country.
Their achievements therefore reamin obscure and are not exposed much for varying reasons.
But professionals like Capt Boga are regarded as smart performers making their their jobs output seend and valued.
Social media was introduced into PNG years back but no professionals in other fields have taken the initiative to expose theirs job through different social media in the country.
What Capt Boga is doing now is seen as great concept that is educational, breathtaking and inspiring for both adults and students.
For a person of Capt Boga’s status to spending his spare time to chat with Facebook friends is something motivational.
As for other professionals they are not seen doing something like what this Gabagaba native is doing to people of both high and low standing in communities and organisations around PNG.
For a highly respected professional to share interesting aviation stories and photos on Facebook and in making time available to keep his friends abreast from time to time is something which most PNG professionals do not have an interest in.
But as for this PNG veteran aviator he made time available, keeping fellow Papua New Guineans informed and aware of his job, adventures and other matters of interest.
I take this opportunity through the Weekender to say thank you to Capt Boga and acknowledge him highly for sharing with us valuable and educational information through his personal Facebook page and the PNG Pilots Yumi Yet Ronim Balus page.
Capt Boga, thumbs up to you for sharing all valuable insights, photos and stories that are indeed inspiring and motivational for students, especially those who wishes to pursue careers in aviation in future.
From an educational and career perspective, what Capt Boga posted on his personal Facebook wall and on PNG Pilots Yumi Yet Ronim Balus page are much appreciated.
Capt Boga, all your posts are more or less news to us Facebook friends and followers of your posts.
Aviation in PNG is like nowhere else in the world. And daily events and pictures shown on Facebook attest to that.
All photographs that Capt Boga shares are just breathtaking. PNG truly is an challenging place to fly in and daily news snippets and historical tidbits from those who had had the experience of flying here make Capt Boga’s post excellent reading.
I am sure many students who have a keen interest in aviation find your posts interesting and no doubt would like to follow your footsteps you in future.
Excellent job Capt Boga, you are having a say in the making of future generation of PNG national pilots. Keep up the good work!

  • Paul Minga is a freelance writer.