Airport shop features local stopper-outfit


LITTLE SOMETHING FROM PNG, the shop that exclusively sells things made in Papua New Guinea located at the Departure Terminal of Jackson International Airport, showcases a showstopper traditional outfit presented during the 2017 PNG Fashion and Design Week.
The attire consists of the head piece made from dried pandanus leaves and skirting from a bark of a tree. Some of the parts were dyed from the sap of black seeds for colour. The cape worn at the back is a fishing net accessorized with sea shells collected from the coast of Alukuni village in Hood Lagoon, Rigo District. Designed by Wandid Amini Korimbo of Niugini Native brand, 100 percentPNG owned, this creation was her showstopper during the recently concluded 2017 PNG Fashion and Design Week, with the environmental theme, “Climate Change”, that was held at the Gateway Hotel. The outfit is from the fashion line Talima from Kalo Village.
Wandid, the designer comes from the Alukuni in Central and is married to Dr. Ray Korimboand together they have three children.
Motifs shown on the outfit originally are from her father’s mum(grandmother)of Kalo. Tattoos used in the outfitportray the status of her grandmother who was the chief’s daughter. She married AminiLaa, also from Alukuni.
Underneath the outfit is a short story board of the land and sea from the village. Due to rising sea levels many people no longer have any land with most of them now building their houses over the sea.All the materials are locally sourced from her village and were hand woven by her aunty VaineKaro, who was taught by her mother, who was taught by her grandmother. This outfit is dedicated to the God-fearing lady, her late grandmother Lady Pama KupanarigoAmini and portrays beauty, elegance & power.
Grace Chin, the company director of the CHM Group who owns the airport shop, has been supporting the local market, including local designers by providing a retail platform for creative talents and offerings since 1992.
She said, “We are very proud to represent PNG within our store, we have many travellers wanting to take photos, including the mannequin donned in traditional attires, which is a recent attraction since the latter part of this year.”
“We want visitors to leave the country with a positive perception of PNG, and even take a piece of PNG with them, wherever their home is overseas, and remember how amazing this country is,”Chin said.
ALSFPNG offers many genuine local goods and produce that are unique to PNG, such as coffee and tea, vanilla beans, copper beatings, PNG and South Pacific music andbooks on PNG. There’s also jewelry, local beer and liquor, PNG apparel, placemats and coasters, post cards, wood carvings, bilums and baskets, body soap, moisturizers and scrubs, PNG key chains, magnets, pins and badges.
Of course, ALSPFNG also sells apparels and clothing made by the Niugini Native brand.