Airports are economic assets, says Yopo


AIRPORTS are economic assets for provinces that facilitate trade and movements of goods, says National Airport Corporation managing director Richard Yopo.
He told The National incidents that result in its unlawful closure only hurt people who depend on the services it facilitates, especially for rural-based locations.
Last week, landowners unlawfully closed Kagamuga Airport over a jobs dispute.
The landowners wanted more of their people working as airport security guards.
“The airports are very important way to link our country and allows our people to travel and for the case of Mt Hagen it has large commercial use,” Yopo said.
“People from outside the province also depend on this and the incident should not happen as the many people will suffer from the actions of a few.
“We are doing our part to improve these facilities nationwide and make sure our people can benefit more.
“This is an issue that not only affects the travelling public but businesshouses and the provincial government should take ownership of this issue.”
Yopo said that flights into Kagamuga Airport resumed on Friday.

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