Aiyura, Kerevat funds misuse

Letters, Normal

The National- Wednesday, January 19, 2011

 THE misuse of Resi funds for Aiyura and Kerevat national high schools demonstrates involvement of people in higher places.

The contractors are mere middlemen positioned to facilitate payments. 

Normally the decision-makers end up with the bigger share of the pie – leaving scraps for the contractor to feed on. 

When it comes to the actual work the contractor have little choice but to employ cheap labour and materials – most times ending up with incomplete work or performing below the expected standard as defined in its initial documentation. 

This is an organised crime which police must destroy.

Police must investigate the qualification process employed at the department of National Planning & Monitoring to ascertain and verify how the contract was awarded. 

Terms and conditions governing the awarding of the contract must be used against the actual status of the contractor to see if there was any breach. 

If there is any, how did it happen? Every officer involved in the process must be interrogated to see where the breach occurred. 

Those who assisted in qualifying the contract award must all be arrested for conspiracy, abetting and benefiting from corruption and prosecuted along with the contractor and others involved if the finding shows that due diligence was ignored through undue pressures from above. 




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