Alcohol cause of violence: Bidar

The National, Wednesday July 13th, 2016

A MAGISTRATE told a policeman that drunkenness often leads to fights and even deaths.
Magistrate Cosmas Bidar told Jeffery Nepau, from Wabag in Enga, who allegedly tried to kill a colleague, Constable Vitus Karabu, when they were drunk, that the case involved the power of drinking.
“When both parties are drunk, one thing leads to another,” Bidar said.
“Plenti taim nogat gutpla tingting, pait ikamap, indai tu save kamap – (Many times, when people are drunk they do not think straight and cause trouble and even death),” he said.
He told Nepau that the case was an indictable or criminal offence and should proceed by way of committal.
Bidar said because it was his first mention, police would need time to complete investigations.
Police allege that on May 16 at Morata Police Barracks, Nepau allegedly attempted to kill Karabu.
Both policemen are based at the Gerehu police station.
Bidar said it was one of those allegations that involved alcohol.
Nepau appeared from custody but the court allowed him a K500 bail with conditions that he would not interfere with witnesses and police, especially the victim. remain at his residence at Morata Police Barracks until the completion of his case and should not consume any alcohol.
Nepau is expected to return to court on August 15.