Alcohol consumption in public a worry


ALCOHOL consumption in public is illegal but is becoming a norm throughout the country.
It is done by men, mostly educated young men, holding beer bottles and cans in public and randomly harassing the public, especially school children, girls, mothers and motorists.
Streets are no longer safe because they are now left to those intoxicated thugs.
One just has to read in the papers or take a walk in their neighbourhood and know that alcohol abuse is happening almost everywhere. It is rapidly becoming uncontrollable and beyond the ability and capacity of the government or authorities to deal with.
Most reported fights including killing from last year were alcohol-related.
That points to the fact that alcohol abuse is a challenging issue that poses many challenges in society. Alcohol abuse leads to public disorder, domestic violence, rape, fist fights, road accidents, deaths, medical complications, psychological problems, loss of income, , and many other problems.

Worried mother


  • Government must look into this and take necessary action asap as this becoming issue in all parts of PNG ,that include urban and rural as well.

  • FOUL-PLAY in public is becoming an accepted practices….smoking drug, drinking alcohol, gambling, defecating, urinating etc etc including quick sex and these are summary offences that need prosecuting.

    The police force hasn’t grown is size and our high population growth has led to a somewhat less of a law keeping.

  • Mexy,
    Dont you know that the so called PO-LEACE are the front line law breakers themselves??
    6 Months of training in Bomana is nothing compared to those 4 years Bach university fellows wha are really way to sick in the head. I think PNGRC needs to revise its academy and try to say put 3 or 4yr programs where our Police can go through intensive and discrete Disciplinary programs to actual know how and what to say and the due processes involved in upholding the Law of this Nation.

    Otherwise is like Pigs and Dogs playing with mud and bones kind of situation here in our generation!

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