Alcohol found among corn bags

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The National – Monday, December 20, 2010

POLICE in Mt Hagen, Western Highlands, confiscated 14 cartons of alcohol last Thursday at the Mt Hagen market.
The OP rum was packed and prepared to be transported to Southern Highlands and then into the LNG project areas.
The drinks were packed in seven 25kg stock feed bags with corns in each bag.
However, police at the checkpoint at Wara Kaugl made a quick response and managed to pick up the bags.
However, the suspects told them that they were selling the corns at the Mt Hagen market.
Mt Hagen police first constable Desmond Kami, who was at the scene, said when they approached the market, the suspects fled leaving the bags.
He said they went through all the bags and discovered that OP cartons were packed in seven bags of corn.
Provincial police commander Kaigelo Ambane commended his men for a well job done.
He said that law was law and no one would escape punishment when he or she was caught of committing such crimes.
Ambane said the neighbouring Southern Highlands had been facing a liquor ban and warned that anyone who caught transporting beer would be arrested and charged.
He said police were investigating and would make arrests soon.
Meanwhile, Ambane also said that police would be in full operation this week to ensure that the festive season is celebrated peacefully.