Alcohol leads to 70 per cent of accidents: N’dranou


ACCORDING to a police report, 70 per cent of accidents that they attend to in Port Moresby were all alcohol related problems, National Capital District Met Supt Perou N’dranou says.
“A lot of clashes we attended to, especially in the outskirts of the city where people fighting, burning houses and killing each other is alcohol related,” N’dranou said.
“It seems that people cannot live together with little or no consideration because of bad behaviour and poor attitudes.”
He said violence also flared around celebrations, holidays or major sports events such as the State of Origin games. The St John Ambulance service which attended to several incidents reported that most were alcohol related.
“Having a liquor ban in Christmas and New Year is a short term measure. The attitude of our people must change.”
N’dranou said people needed to change their attitude toward drinking alcohol and their behaviour.
He added that police would set up road blocks and monitor traffic closely during the festive season. City police had been directed to act professionally in their interactions with the public at all times.