Alcohol smugglers warned

National, Normal

The National, Tuesday December 17th, 2013

 PROVINCIAL police commander Supt Mark Yangen has warned Southern Highlanders not to smuggle alcohol into Hela to make fast money.

“You Southern Highlanders are the worst smugglers of liquor and liquor is reaching Hela because of you and this must come to a stop as those caught will be held responsible,” he said.

Yangen said the illegal activity had led to many problems and he did not want people to use Hela to make fast money overnight.

He said during the weekends, he visited every village linked by road and found that no drunkards were interrupting the community and wanted that to continue during the festive period.

“There is no other way liquor will enter the province and it is through the checkpoints in Southern Highlands. I want to maintain Hela a liquor-free zone during this festive period and continue to the new year 2014,” he said.

Yangen said awareness was being carried out in all local level government areas for a peaceful festive period and the province was at peace.

He said alcohol was the main contributing factor in the rise in law and order problems.

Only 12 men were arrested drinking at public places and had been charged, he said.

“Last weekend, I made a trip to Komo where there was a big gathering. In such gatherings, a drunkard is always there, but this time there was none and I am so proud that Hela is starting to change.

“Hela now understands the consequence of smuggling and selling alcohol and they have started to refrain from the illegal activity.’’