Alcohol still being sold in SHP

Letters, Normal

THE Southern Highlands provincial executive council has banned the sale of alcohol in the province and allocated K1 million to carry out check points at various locations.
Business houses in the province were told that once they finished their stock, they would not be allowed to order any more beer.
Instead, their stock of alcohol has increased.
We have many alcohol-related problems.
Broken bottles are strewn all over Mendi and drunks are making a nuisance of themselves in town, Magani market, Mendi Hospital and everywhere within the township.
Alcohol is not allowed to be sold from April onwards and the police are supposed to ensure the ban is complied with.
However, nothing is happening and no one has mentioned about alcohol ban in Mendi.
We have seen that many of the problems are alcohol-related.
It is imperative that alcohol is banned in SHP.


Bush mangi