Ali wins in NCSL’s loan promotion draw


PORT Moresby resident Kila Ali is one of the winners of the Nasfund Savings and Loans Society major loan promotion draw.
Ali, who works for Paradise Foods, won a Barefoot Power Connect 3050 from Solar Solutions PNG Ltd.
Port Moresby residents whose names were systematically drawn received their prizes at the NCSL head office.
Ali said he was surprised after being told by NCSL that he was one of the 21 winners in the loan promotion.
“Thank you NCSL and Solar Solutions PNG Ltd for the wonderful prize I won this year,” he said.
Ali had obtained a loan of K1000 and automatically entered the loan promotion draw.
NCSL acknowledged its partners Solar Solutions PNG Ltd, Boroko Motors, KK Kingston Ltd and Brian Bell and Company Limited for providing the prizes.
NCSL is a savings and loan society, with more than 83,000 members.
NCSL continued to financially empower Nasfund members to make well-informed financial decisions on their short to medium term financial situations.