All is meaningless without peace: Parkop

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NATIONAL Capital District Governor Powes Parkop says without peace and reconciliation in communities, all services and infrastructure developments are meaningless.
Speaking at the switching on of Christmas lights at Waigani Central Stop & Shop in Port Moresby on Sunday, Parkop thanked the City Pharmacy Group (CPL) for organising the event to mark the festive season in the city.
He urged other corporate organisations, and statutory organisations, to also light up their premises.
“Let’s welcome Christmas and the values of peace, joy and reconciliation.
“We can grow the economy, build infrastructure, but without the values, all these things will amount to nothing.”
CPL group managing director Mahesh Patel said: “Christmas is a time for celebration and we would like to brighten up everyone’s Christmas with Stop & Shop’s first Christmas light up.
“It has been in planning for over 12 months by our team.
“Our 3,000 team members across the nation would like to wish everyone a safe and joyous Christmas season,” Patel said.


  • People celebrating Christmas in some other parts of the country but on the other side, trouble fight, road blocks, ethnic clash and all sorts of things. I don’t think this Christmas is meaningful to all Christians around the nation because of people’s attitude and behavior. Lastly, if you are real Christian, do not think or remember every Christmas as special day or month. Just treat them as other ordinary month because Christmas was the festival event originated by papal Rome in Vatican City.

    DO NOT Trust or Remember these Days;
    1. Christmas
    2. Easter
    3. Fathers Day
    4. Etc…

    These are false teaching from Roman Catholic – READ THE BIBLE, FOLLOW THE BIBLE

    Thank you, this is just additional message for you to know because some of you think that Jesus was born on 25 December. Never trust false doctrine for men.

  • I am not an SDA but you are DEAD right Mr. Kama. Go to hell all you believers of what Kama is referring to. Simply, READ YOUR BIBLE. Not your church teachings.

  • I’am explaining the truth mate, am not an Adventist nor Catholic. I’m not belongs to any denomination but if you were religious historian or read bible regularly then you would know exactly what I was mentioned about. Anthony, you shall know the truth and truth shall set you free. I’m not discussing about denomination, but what I was saying is, DO NOT remember Christmas as your special month. This is doctrine introduced by papal Roman and that is mainly practiced today by Roman Catholic. May be you were not near to understand what I was referring so better research more and find out by yourself.

  • Mr Poiya Kama really sounds like SDA by mentioning Roman Papacy. Though I am not from any denomination, I always hear SDA people attack Sunday worshippers and Roman Catholic Church in every single one of their church and street preaching. No wonder, Sabbath Law is very strong.

  • Hey you guys arguing about something you shouldn’t be arguing about is meaningless. Why ? you answer it yourself. Is it you and your church denomination or is it you and God?

  • These are just days marked to remember the birth of Jesus. Whether it’s exact or not it doesn’t matter at all. What matters is, preserving this GREATEST LOVE STORY OF ALL to the thousands of generations that have been so far and is still to come.

  • Anyone’s Christmas should be the day when they should have been “BORN AGAIN” as Jesus Christ Himself told a leader of the Pharisees recorded in John 3 vs 3. Because what happens as a consequence of John 3 v 3 is also explained by Jesus Himself in the same chapter vs 18.

    And so, if Jesus can be born a thousand times but never ONCE in YOU then it is all in vain.

    God Bless you all.

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